Dogs and desserted beaches….


The Footpath

For most of the year the beaches around Ireland are desserted by the general public and this morning was no exception. A strong east wind that has been persistantly hitting our coastline for more than a week now has scared off all but the hardiest of souls.

Dogwalker's heaven.

Dogwalker’s heaven.

As I headed down the path that leads to the beach that strong seabreeze bit into my face clearing away all thoughts of morning weariness. It was fighting with the sea as the tide pulled it away from shore, kicking the water into high foamy peaks.

Full gallop to water

Full gallop to water

Uisce and Mossy were at heel  they could smell the sea. They lifted their heads into the wind and snorted as the cold air was drawn into their nostrils.  We stood on the strand just for a moment to gather our bearings and take in the view. The tide was well out leaving that endless expanse of flat empty strand to roll away in the distance. On and on it goes until it hits the cliffs of Gormanstown some three miles away and no body, not a single being, except me and my two dogs to share it with. This has to be dogwalker’s heaven.


I released the dogs, there was no hesitation, off they went pulling in the ground as they galloped at full pace towards the water in the distance. Eager to dive headlong into the surf and shake the water from their coats.


Tomorrow is a showday but today, for my chesapeakes, is preparation day….

3 thoughts on “Dogs and desserted beaches….

  1. Yes, weather keeps people indoors but one of the advantages of living in Ireland is the low population density.

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