Oven cooked teal with a hint of the orient.

Time for another recipe.

Teal has a very delicate flavour

Teal has a very delicate flavour

This week my friend Malcolm presented me with six teal all oven -ready, ( gotta love friends like that…).

They are a lovely bird to eat but can be easily overcooked which ruins the flavour and dries out the meat. The game cookery book suggests cooking them whole in a hot oven for twenty minutes and to flavour only with butter and sage. I wanted to be a little more adventerous so rooted through my chinese cookery book and added an oriental twist to these little birds.

Ready for the oven.

Ready for the oven.

Make sure the oven is hot. Place the birds, breasts up in a large ovenproof dish. Generously massage with oil, ( I use sunflower oil as olive oil has too much flavour ), then season with salt. Add a chopped red onion, red pepper and squeeze in some garlic paste between the birds. Sprinkle on some whole cloves, about 6 and then about a quarter teaspoon ginger. Finally grate the zest of one orange over the dish and squeeze on some orange juice.

Cook the birds for 20 minutes then blast with fan for another 5 minutes.

Ready to be served.

Ready to be served.

Serve with curly fries and seasonal vegtables and a good bottle of Bordeaux while watching strictly come dancing….


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