Nothing like a Chesapeake Water Entry

Wednesday evening last saw Colum and I at the lake again. We worked on water marks with a long run in .The above photo was taken as Mossy entered the shallows and took a perfect line to his retrieve.An interesting observation on his attitude to blind work. When lining him for a land blind he has developed the habit of spinning before his run. Of course this has the effect of completely throwing him off line and results in a knock on effect of having to handle more. I have to confess to allowing him away with this up until recently quite simply because I didn’t know how to correct it.

I have been following Paul’s advice over the last couple of weeks and calling him back in immediately he spins and only allowing him run on if he doesn’t spin. I ‘ve stopped using the whistle for these infractions , just calling him back to my side until he gets it right.It’s working and whats even better is his attitude to the whistle is vastly improved, I guess because I’m not using it as a nagging tool..

When lining him for a water blind there is never a spin but taking direction on water ?? Now that’s a story for a whole other day..